Children's Museum

West Bay Common School Museum			 Hands-on-History Program
210 North Kansas Avenue							Teacher's Evaluation
League City, Texas 77573

School  _________________________________________     Grade ________________

Teacher  _______________________________________ Date of Visit  ____________

Pease return this form and the student's forms to the above address. 
Handwritten letters or artwork by the students is another option. 
You may choose to e-mail: 

Was the Schoolhouse Program an effective educational experience for you class?

Was the teachers' packet helpful?  What materials were the most useful?  Least?

What additions to or eliminations from the packet would you suggest?

Was the program curriculum appropriate to your grade level?

Did the pre-visit activities provide enough background material?

Did the post-visit activities further stimulate interest in learning about 
this time period?

What were the students' comments about the program and the materials?

Can you name the strengths and weaknesses of the program?

Will you participate in the program with future classes?

Thank you again for coming and supporting the program at the 
West Bay Common School Museum.  

We look forward to seeing you again next year.