Children's Museum

Pre-Visit Activities


Teacher's Guide

This guide has everything you will need to prepare your students for their visit to a class day as it was in the 1890's. The guide contains:

  • Instructions for the teacher
  • Schedule of activities
  • Rules for Students
  • Sample Lessons
  • Hands-on Materials

Please click HERE to download a copy of the Teachers Guide (2.7 meg file).


Pre-Visit Materials

These are the materials you need to download for your visit.

You may obtain a copy of these items using either of the methods described below:

  1. View the form on line by clicking the name of the form in the left column below. Then print it using the Print button on your web browser. (Note: For best results, set the Margins to 0 on the Page Setup option under FILE in the upper menu bar of your web browser.)
  2. or Download the item in MS Word or PDF format by clicking on the MS Word or PDF link in the right column below.

Teachers Checklist (MS Word version)
Name Tag Samples (PDF version)
(You'll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader
to open this file. Click the Get Acrobat Reader
icon at right to get it.)
Sample Letter to Parents (MS Word version)
Teacher Evaluation Form (MS Word version)
Student Evaluation Form (MS Word version)
Copy Book
    Exercise Instructions
    Page 1
    Page 2

(MS Word version)
(PDF version)
(PDF version)
Class List for Roll Call (MS Word version)