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A view of the front of the museum as you drive up Kansas Avenue from Main Street.

Three buildings make up the museum complex, the 1898 Schoolhouse, the 1939 Bus Barn and the 1920 Icehouse/Barbershop.

One half of your time at the museum will be spent inside the schoolhouse using authentic 100 year old lessons in Readin, Righten and Rithmetic.

The students working their lessons with a pen and ink. A full experience had by all.

A student working her lessons on a lap slate with a slate pencil in the schoolhouse portion of her visit.

The other half of the tour is spent outside in the Bus Barn which includes an outhouse lesson, a lunch lesson,and a history of the land and buildings.

Students using the stereoscopes in the outside portion of the program.

Gathering around the player piano for some singing and dancing.

Other artifacts in the museum, along with changing exhibits, tell stories about the life and times in this once cattle ranching town.

Learning is not always taught from a book. Experiences from real life are also part of the Hands-On-History program.

The children going outside for the recess portion of the school day.

Playing "hoops and sticks" around the schoolyard during recess with an old barrel hoop.