We are the Headquarters for the Country School Association of America.

Country School Association of America

The CSAA is an non-profit, national organization dedicated to preserving memories and scholarship of the country school. The organization is designed to offer all interested individuals with a professional community focused on early American schools, preservation, education, and curriculum. The CSAA prides itself on connecting research and practice for anyone passionate about our country schools.

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George & Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation

The foundation formed in 1954 to give assistance to students in the pursuit of higher education through scholarships; promote the arts; to fund qualified institutions in the furtherance and development of scientific projects; to aid churches, associations and conventions of churches in the advancement of religion; to aid colleges and universities in both operating and capital needs; to provide aid for the needy; to assist hospitals, medical colleges and research institutions for the study, treatment and cure for disease.

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Lunar Rendezvous Festival

Clear Lake Lunar Rendezvous Festival is dedicated to providing community based support including scholarships for higher education, youth development and educational programs, funding for the arts and historical preservation in the Bay Area Houston/NASA area.

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Hakaya Productions

Hakaya Productions is a Houston-based video production company that produces, directs, and provides post production services with storytelling style wed centered videos . They work with corporations, small businesses and non-profit organizations.

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