Children's Museum


School: ______________________

Date: ________________________

Dear Parents:

Our class will have a chance to spend a day at the West Bay Common 
School Museum.   The schoolhouse is located on the corner of North 
Kansas and Second Streets in Historic League City.  Our children will 
have a chance to relive Texas History by experiencing a typical school 
day in 1898.

We are beginning to make plans for our museum visit.  We would like 
you to know about them and also ask for your assistance.  Admission 
cost to the museum is $4.00 and we ask this to be sent to school with 
your child as soon as possible along with the permission slip at the 
bottom of this letter.

The class will discuss pioneer foods.  Lunch suggestions will be sent 
home several days before we go to the museum.  We are asking you to 
prepare lunch for your child in keeping with the day, and we hope the 
ideas will help you.  We will also need two small pieces of muslin or 
cotton (about the size of a napkin) to use as a lid for our lunch pail 
and to use as a slate rag.

We may be dressing in the clothing similar to that worn in 1898.  Your 
child may wish to wear a long skirt, bib overalls, or jeans and suspenders.
Most children also wore some type of hat.
________________________ School will visit West Bay Common School Museum
Day: _______________________                         Time: ________________

Thank you so much for your help.    _______________________________________

------------- Cut here and return this form to school ---------------------

(Name)_________________________ has my permission to attend the field trip
to West Bay Common School Museum with the class on _______________________
Fee cost enclosed $_____________________     Check# ________  Cash_________ 
Needs assistance with cost _______________   Date Received  _______________

I can chaperone _________