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Thank you for becoming a member of the League City Historical Society. The various memberships with the associated dues are listed below.

To send a contribution: Please select the category item that is best for you, send your check with your name, address, phone number and mail it to:

LCHS,P.O. Box 1642, League City, Texas 77574 .

If you wish to charge, go to the LCHS web page.

You may also bring your check and fill out a form at the One Room Schoolhouse Museum.

To save postage...Please include your email address if you would like to receive your newsletter, meeting minutes and or meeting notices.


Student / Active Military $20

Senior (60 and over) $25

Senior Couple $35

Single (Individual) $35

Family $50

Supporting Patron $100 (Goes to Operating Expenses)

Life Membership $400

Adding $________to my dues

Contribution $_______

Please apply to: __________


Business Member $100

Business Partner $200

Business Leader $300

Additional Financial Support is always nice!

If you choose a life membership which does not require and annual renewal, the museum and LCHS programs can always use funding support. You might consider:

1. Sponsoring someone for membership.

2. Donating to a specific program or item.

3. A contribution for operating expenses (really helpful)

If you are sponsoring someone, please include their info with your check. Thank you!!



League City Historical Society

The League City Historical Society (LCHS), which owns the property, is a private, non-profit organization, whose mission is to provide through the West Bay Common School Children's Museum for the preservation, display, and interpretation of League City history and artifacts that have a social, religious, political, geographical, cultural or historical tie to the people. Its mission is to educate the community on the rich history of the Area, and to foster a positive community spirit for rebuilding, restoring, and preserving the historical area of League City. The society operates on funds through memberships, fundraising events, grants and donations to support all of their programs.

The society formed in 1989 to preserve, protect, and beautify the old historic area of League City. We meet once a month to foster community spirit for rebuilding, restoring and preserving as much of the historic area as possible. We meet the last Thursday of each month except July and December. We start our meetings at 6:45pm and we have a variety of speakers with a brief general meeting to share upcoming events and programs.

We hold special events to fund raise for our various projects and enjoy working with each other to make these events successful. We are always looking for new members to join us in any of our activities. Our biggest project is the West Bay Common School Children's Museum, but we also provide an Oak Tree Registry and present Landmark Medallions. Each year we also hold a Fourth of July Teddy Bear Parade for the children in our community.

We also publish a monthly newsletter except for July and December. We also sell our cookbooks, note cards and Oak Tree Registry books in the museum gift shop.

Our monthly meetings are held on the last Thursday of every month except July and December. Meetings start at 7pm in the Historic Bus Barn located on the schoolhouse property at 210 North Kansas, League City, Texas 77573. For more information call (281) 554-2994.

Go to the LCHS web page HERE. Click here for Newsletter.

You can support the Museum by becoming a member of the League City Historical Society and volunteering your time assisting with membership events, educational programs and collections related projects.

For more information about the League City Historical Society please contact:


Ronnie Richards
P.O. Box 1642
League City, TX 77574
(281) 554-2994

Schoolhouse Art

Join Us in preserving, protecting, and beautifying the historic area of League City.

Cookbooks and Note Cards

Oak Tree Registry Book

210 North Kansas, League City, Texas 77573