Children's Museum

History of the Museum


West Bay Common School No. 13 was built in 1898 in Chambers County, Texas. This 18 by 30 foot structure, made of cypress wood, originally had a wood shingle roof. Half of this still remains under the present metal roof which was added after the 1915 hurricane. The building was used as a school until 1936. It was then moved a short distance and made into a three room house.

With the efforts of the League City Historical Society, this one room school was moved to League City in December of 1992, to the corner of Kansas and Second Street, the former site of the Little Green Schoolhouse. This little schoolhouse was formally dedicated as the West Bay Common School Children's Museum on October 21, 1993.

The purpose of the museum is to preserve an early Texas school building, provide a 'Hands-on-History' experience for children of all ages, to house state and local acquisitions of school memorabilia and educational artifacts, to preserve a historical site of a former two-room schoolhouse, preserve the original structure used as the first town firestation and to preserve an early business in League City's past.