Children's Museum


From School:

___ Collect admissions fees and put in envelope with class list.

___ Name tags for each student.

___ Copy books for each student
___ Camera for a class picture on the schoolhouse steps in the best class tradition.

___ Have children bring a rag or scrap of material to use on slate. (Optional)

___ Have children bring lunch buckets with appropriate food and cups, if planned.

___ Have students dress in period clothing, if planned.


___ Line up children in two groups, boys and girls, shortest to tallest.

___ A staff member will meet you to facilitate your visit.
___ Turn in the balance of admissions and your class list.

___ You will enter the schoolhouse upon ringing of school bell.


___ Gather belongings (hats, coats, copybooks)

___ Return to Buses and depart.

Back in regular classroom:

___ Hand out copybooks and any other items they received.

___ Have students complete post-visit activities.

___ Have students and chaperons complete the student evaluation sheets.

___ Mail evaluations to: Program Coordinator
			               210 North Kansas Avenue
			               League City, Texas 77573